Effective use of custom fields is key to managing your business practices in AgileCase. Custom fields govern the content of each case type and allow you to specify exactly how the information is entered. You can create custom fields for both cases and contacts, however for the purpose of this guide we will focus upon case custom fields as they are vital for configuring AgileCase

To manage custom fields, use the "Case" option under "Custom Fields" in the settings menu.



To add a new group of custom fields, click the "Add Custom Field Group" icon. You can then fill out a custom field group name and description.

You can add as many custom fields as you need and choose what case types they will appear in and edit permissions for the groups you have set up.



AgileCase offers a wide variety of custom field types in order to give you complete control over your workflow. A standard suite of options such as text fields, numeric and currency fields, and date/time pickers allow users to enter basic information whilst more complex field types allow for a variety of formatting options.You can select the type of custom field you wish to add from the dropdown menu. A list of our custom field types can be found here.

All field types can be marked as required in order to ensure that vital information is always entered before a case can progress.

With the expansive range of custom fields that AgileCase provides, you can tailor the system to suit your own business structure and workflow. With the ability to totally customize your system, AgileCase can be adapted to any industry.

In the next part we will show you how to effectively use our timeline feature in order to create a case plan and ensure each and every case is followed up in a timely manner.