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This lesson will show you how to add a person as a contact in AgileCase.

Enter Contact Details


Once you have chosen to add a contact, you will be given the opportunity to fill out the contact details. First of all enter basic information including their name, date of birth and address details.

Enter further information


You can also add contact details in the from of an email address and phone number as well as passport, driving license and social security numbers.

After this, you can add the contacts company details, selecting their company, position and client status. You can also apply and system labels at this stage. At the bottom of the contact screen there is the option to fill in any contact custom fields that you have created, in this case "Primary Contact".

Once you have finished entering your contact details, click "Save Contact" to create the new contact.

View contact


Once the contact has been created, you can view them under the "Contacts" tab on the toolbar.

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