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This lesson will show you how to create a mail merge in AgileCase.

Access mail merges


To create a mail merge in AgileCase first access mail merges under the "Reports" tab on the toolbar.

Create new mail merge


On the mail merges page, click "New Mail Merge" to proceed and create the new mail merge. This page will also store your previously created mail merges so you can run them at any time.

Fill in details


When you create a mail merge you must first enter a brief description to function as a title.

After this you must choose a report as a data source and a template for the document you want to generate. Once this is finished, click "Save Changes" to create the new mail merge.

Running a mail merge


Once you have created a mail merge, click the value under the "Last Run" column in order to run it, if you have not run the mail merge before this value will appear as "Never Run".

Create mail merge


This will take you to the mail merge history page, clicking "Create Mail Merge" will run the merge and generate the documents.

Mail merge details


When you run a mail merge you will be presented with a notification of the number of documents to be generated as well as a couple of options:

  1. The description option allows you to choose between single and multiple documents. The "Single Document" options will generate all of the results as a single document so it can be easily printed off. The "Multiple Document" function will generate each as a single document against the appropriate case.
  2. The data source option selects what the mail merge is stored against. "Contacts" will store the document in the contact page of each client, "Cases" will store them against the relevant case and "File System" will store the documents as files in the system.

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