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This lesson will show you how to create SMS templates in AgileCase.

Access SMS templates page


As well as emails and documents, AgileCase also allows you to produce SMS templates. To begin making your first template, click the "SMS" button under "Templates" in the settings menu.

Add a new template


Any SMS templates you create will be stored on this page. To create a new template, click "Add SMS Template".

Fill out the template form


SMS templates function exactly the same as email templates using Mustache fields.

Document templates cannot be importent to SMS however, because of the imposed 420 character limit.

You can pick out elements of a case using Mustache fields. Mustache fields function by specifying the element you want to extract between sets of double curly brackets. For example, Client.Name will pick out the name under "Client" in the case. the full stop is used to signal that the following element should be looked for in the previous area.

Like email and document templates, all of the relevant elements can be found on the merge field helper for the case which will be briefly covered in the next step or can be read about in more detail in this lesson.

Merge field helper


The merge field helper functions as a reference book for creating mergefields in Mustache or Mail Merge. To open the merge field helper for a case, simply click the arrow beside the "Edit" button and select "View Merge Fields" from the dropdown.

Select available case types and save


After filling out your template you can select the case types in which it will be available and apply any appropriate labels. Once you are finished, click "Save Changes" to create your SMS template.

Creating an SMS from the template


To create an SMS using your new template, Go to the "Docs&Comms" tab under a case and click the "New" button. On the dropdown menu, select "Send SMS" to bring up the template selection window.

Sending an SMS


Select your template from the dropdown to populate it with your case data. you will have a chance to review it at this stage. Once you are happy with your SMS, click "Send SMS" to send.

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