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This article will explain how to use a document template with selectable rows to create emails. 

Before this, please make sure to read this article, so you can have a better idea on how to create document template with selectable rows.

Now that you have created a document template with selectable rows, we're going to reuse this document template to create an email template.

Adding the template

  1. Click on your account name from the dashboard (top right corner).
  2. Click on Settings, this will open up your setting page.
  3. Click on Email under the Template header.



Click on "Add Email Template", to open up a new template page.



This will open up a window to create a new Email template.



From the Type dropdown, make sure to select "Document Template".

Next, fill in the fields with the required details, and select the case type that you'd like to use this template for.

Selecting the Case type will populate the "Template" dropdown with all the available document templates for this case type.



Select your selectable row template, and click on save changes.

You have now finished creating an email template with selectable rows. 

Using the template

To create an email using your template, go to the "Docs & Comms" tab in a case, click the "New" button and selecte "Create Email". This will bring up a window that will allow you to compose an email or select a template.


From the dropdown menu, select your email template.



This will populate another field asking you to select a row, select your desired row, and it should populate your email with details.



If you have any issues setting up selectable row emails, please contact us on 

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