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This lesson will show you how to reuse a document template as an email template in AgileCase. To see the basic steps of creating an email template, follow this lesson.

Select "Document Template"


When creating an email template in AgileCase, you will notice the "Type" drop down menu at the top of the page.

As a default this will be set to "Standard Template" which allows you to create your own email templates as shown previously. However, by selecting "Document Template", you can reuse one of your document templates as the content of your email.

Choose the template you want to reuse


First of all, fill out the addressee details as you normally would- you can still use Mustache mergefields in this section to pull address details from a case.

Once this is done select the document template you wish to use from the new "Template" dropdown menu.

It is important to note that selectable mergefields cannot be used in an email template so only those that are hard coded to pick out a specific element will translate in to the new template.

Select the template in a case to generate an email



With your new template saved you can now generate an email with it as you would any other template, however you will notice that the body of text is now that of the document template that you selected previously.

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