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This lesson will show you how to create a document from a template on AgileCase.

Go to Docs & Comms tab


To create a document first fo to the docs & comms tab then select "Docs" on the secondary toolbar. This will take you to the documents tab. On the documents tab, click "New" to create a new document.

Select "Create Document"


Clicking the "New" button will trigger a dropdown menu, select "Create Document" to contine .

Select your template and fill in document description


To create the document, select your template from the dropdown menu. an automatic description consisting of the template name will be generated by you can change or add to it. You are also able to label the document and create a follow up task if necessary.

Once you have finished, click "Save Document" to create and download the document.

View your populated document


Your document will now be produced using the template, with the mergefields filled out using data from AgileCase.

Once you have built up your library of templates you will be able to create any standard email in this manner, allowing to make a huge time saving through all the marginal gains you will make.

Your document will be listed under the Docs tab


after creating a document, it will be visible under the Docs tab in "Docs & Comms" so it is saved against the case and can be accessed at any time.

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