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This lesson will show you how to upload a document template to AgileCase.

Access the "Document" page


To upload a document template you have created to AgileCase, first go to the document templates page by clicking the "Document" button under "Templates" in the settings menu.

Add a new template


Any templates that you have already uploaded, along with the AgileCase example template, will be listed on this page. To upload a new template, click the "Add Document Template" button.

Fill in the template details


On the new template page you can start filling out template details. You can name your template and add a brief description as well as decide whether you want it to be private or publicly available. You must then set the case type that this template will be available in and label it as appropriate.

Once you have done this, click the "Add Template" button and select the word document template that you wish to use.

Select your template


The template that has been selected will be displayed below the "Add Template" button, if this is correct, you can proceed.

Save and upload template


To upload and save your template, click the "Save template" button. you can now use this document template in cases of the specified type.

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