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This lesson will show you how to use and edit the AgileCase invoice template.

Editing the AgileCase invoice template


AgileCase comes with its own invoice template, whilst document and email templates are provided as examples, the AgileCase invoice template is designed to be used and edited if necessary by users.

To access the invoice template, click the "Invoice" button on the settings menu under "Templates".

Download the template


The invoice template is a complex arrangements of mergefields, for ease of use we recommend that you download our invoice template by clicking on the template name and perform any edits that you feel are necessary, rather than building a very similar template from the ground up.

open the template

Once you have downloaded the invoice template, open it and enable editing if so required.

The AgileCase invoice template


The mergefields used in the AgileCase invoice are all universal so should work for any case type. however if you need to add and additional mergefields of your own our make cosmetic alterations to the text you can do so with editing enabled.


The mergefields in the table should not be altered as they are optimised for generating invoices using the data on AgileCase and will adapt to any changes made to billing rates and whether a fee is hourly or fixed.

An invoice generated from the template


You can use the invoice template to generate an invoice in the "Bills" tab on the toolbar, study this chapter to find out more.

When generated it will pull data from across the system including your billing rates, fixed fees and tax settings to form an accurate invoice for whatever case it is used in.

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