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This lesson will show you how to set contact relationships within a case.

Link your contact to the case


To link a contact to a case, first use the case toolbar to access the "Contacts" tab, then select a relationship type and the contact name before clicking "Link Contact".

The relationship type governs what is shown under the "Description" heading for a contact and indicates their role in the current case.

Joint clients


As the previously selected relationship was designated as a joint client, the name of the client will appear below the specified case client which signals their joint status.

Adding new relationships and contacts


You can also add new contacts from this tab by using the (1) "New Contact" button.

To find out more about adding new contacts, see our lesson here.

You can also create client relationships on this tab by simply entering the title of the new relationship in the (2) text box instead of using the dropdown menu.

Also note that contacts linked to the case, their relationship to it and their contact details are listed under the form.

Viewing relationships created in the contacts tab


Once you have created a relationship in the "Contacts" tab of a case, you can access it through the relationships page on the setting menu as you would any relationship you have created using the "Add Relationship" functionality.

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