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Creating custom case types

One of the key features of AgileCase is the ability to create custom cases. Custom cases let you configure the content of the cases you create, allowing you to tailor AgileCase to the specifics of your business.

Custom cases are created using the relationship between three main elements: Practice areas, Case plans and Case types. 

Practice areas divide up the areas of your business. For example, "general work", "consulting" or "accountancy" could all be practice areas within your business. 

Each practice area can be allocated one or more case types. Case types control the availability of custom field types which allow you to create your own fields so that data specific to the case type can be recorded in each case.

Case plans control the milestones assigned to a case in order to chart its progress. Milestones are the central events of the case type and therefore will differ depending on the different format followed by each case type.

The relationships between these three elements allows you to customize the layout of each kind of case your business requires. 

This chapter will go in to detail on the processes involved in creating your own custom cases and how to optimize them for your business.

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