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Now you have completed our Getting Started guide, it is time to explore the wider features of AgileCase. This post will give you some tips on where you may want to go next. Additionally, our documentation can be consulted for a full breakdown of our features.


If your organization handles high volumes of documents, you may want to look at our document management features. With AgileCase, you can use templates to automate documents that you regularly have to produce. Templates are populated with information from your cases, so after you have created one there is no need to write another standard document by yourself. AgileCase also stores your documents against the relevant case, allowing you to easily search and sort them so you can access the documents you want at any time.

To find out more about document templates, you can view our documentation here.


If data analysis is a priority, reporting should be your next step. AgileCase includes a powerful and flexible reporting tool that allows you to design and run your own reports. Our reporting feature lets you select the criteria and conditions for each report and choose how the results are sorted, giving you complete control over the content of your own reports. The complexity of your reports is limited only by your understanding of our reporting tool and we are always on hand to help if your needs exceed your technical knowledge.

To get started with reporting, you can view out documentation on reports here.


If you have a a high volume of work to divide between multiple users, tasking and calendars may be a good place to start. AgileCase allows you to set tasks for individual users, giving you the ability to manage your workflow with precision, and also design a company wide calendar that allows you to have a strategic overview of your entire organization.  

Our documentation on tasks can be found here.

For a guide to calendars, use the documentation here.


These were just a few examples of where you can go next with AgileCase, your course of action will be governed by the unique needs of your organization. If you need any further help on getting started with AgileCase, please do not hesitate to contact us on




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