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In the final part of our getting started guide, we will show you how to edit the visibility of case level functions and case core data in your system. The default layout of AgileCase allows a wide range of information to be entered. However, depending upon your industry and the particulars of your business, it may or may not be appropriate to disclose some of this information. The ability to edit case level functions and core case data allow you to hide this information or any unnecessary data on your system.

Case level functions are edited through Tab Visibility. Tab visibility controls what tabs are visible on the case screen, governing the information that users have access to. You can edit this by selecting “Tab Visibility” from the settings menu.



You can then set the tabs you do not want to be visible as “Disabled”. In this case we will remove the “Transactions” tab from the “General Work” case type. You can add different tab visibility configurations for each of your case types.



Core case data governs the core fields that are available in each case. To edit this select “Core Case Data” from the settings menu.



You can then simply check or uncheck the core fields that you wish to be available in each case. While core case data consists of the basic information concerning each case, some details such as financial information may not be appropriate to disclose, other fields may simply be unnecessary for your business practices. In this example case we will remove the "Case Description" field.


With these two options you can edit the information that is available to system users, allowing you to protect sensitive data or remove unnecessary functions. With your Case level functions and data edited to your preference, you have finished setting up your AgileCase account. You are now in a position to begin using AgileCase to manage your business and explore the deeper functionality we provide.

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