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Practice areas are used to divide your business into manageable chunks on AgileCase. Practice areas can be associated with groups and case types, allowing you to allocate the right people and the right information to each practice area. For example, a legal practice may have areas such as conveyancing, employment law and criminal law. Using practice areas efficiently allows you to create a system in which all of the relevant information will be readily available for each user.


To create a new practice area begin by selecting the appropriate option on the “settings” page.




There are several default practice areas available, However these can be deleted or altered as you see fit in order to best serve your business.


In order to create a new practice area, click the “Add Practice” icon and name your chosen area. You can then relate the practice area to the specific case type that it requires.

When you add a new practice area you can align it with a particular case type.



Practice areas and case types are two sides of the same coin, the relationship between them is what allows you to associate a particular case format with each area of your organization. For example, an employment case will have a very different structure to a criminal case, so different case types with unique custom field groups can be assigned to each practice area in order to optimize your workflow in both areas by eliminating unnecessary fields and information.

For a more detailed guide on setting up a practice area, please refer to the documentation topic here.

In the next stage, we will examine the other side of this process by looking at setting up some custom case types, and take a deeper look at the relationship between custom case types and practice areas.



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