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Once you have registered with AgileCase, your first step should be to remove the placeholder data that we use as an example for new users. 

Default data is there to show you how the main entities -cases, tasks and documents- function as well as providing you with prompts on how to set up your system. It also provides you with our sales and support contacts, which you may wish to keep in order to assure that you always have our contact details to hand if you need any assistance.

However, you will want to delete our example data once you have finished with it in order to populate AgileCase with your own information. To do this, locate the entities and use the dropdown menu to select "Set Inactive"


Once you have deleted the default data that you no longer wish to use, you can begin to use AgileCase to manage your business processes. The next step of "Getting Started" will show you how to go about doing this by setting up a practice area. 

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