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This article will explain the layout of the related cases tab. 



The related cases tab lists any cases that related to the current open case you're viewing. If there are no related cases, you will see a message stating that there are no related cases to display.

This feature will list all open cases for the client. It is also based on contact relationships, for example, if a certain contact is linked with another contact on the system through a relationship of any kind, their cases will show on related cases tab. You can read more about contact relationships in this article.

Related cases are bi-directional, so cases for either linked contacts will appear on the other person's related cases type, and vice versa. 

Related Cases for Linked Contacts

To see this feature in action and so it's more clear. Let's assume that we have 2 cases at the moment, one case for each contact:



In this example, our two contacts, Mrs. Brown and Mr. Johnson are currently not linked with any relationship within AgileCase. Which means that there will be no related cases shown on either contact's cases page. 



For the purpose of this example, we're going to link them as a husband and wife, here's how to link contacts within a case.



Now that we've linked them together, we should be able to see their cases in the related cases page. 




Similarly, Mr. Johnson's case (husband), will appear as a related case for Mrs. Brown (wife):



New Cases

After the contacts are linked, any new cases created for a contact, will appear as related cases for the contact they're linked to. 

We're now going to create a new case for Mr. Johnson (husband):

You can read more about how to create a new case here.



Now that we have a new case created, we should be able to see this new case in the related case tab in Mrs. Brown's (wife) case:



Repeating the same process for Mrs. Brown (wife) will show the same results in Mr. Johnson's (husband) tab. 


Display properties

You can change the number of related cases you'd like to list, by toggling the number choices on the top right corner of the related cases tab.



You can also choose to display or hide the inactive cases related to this case, by clicking on the "Show Inactive" button.



If you need any further help with related cases, please contact us on

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