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This is what a case screen looks like in AgileCase. Case information is displayed in the box at the top of the page whilst the different areas of the case are allocated their own tabs below.



The elements of the case page are as follows;

  • "Details" lists any custom fields assigned to the case type.
  • "Client" displays information concerning the client of the case. 
  • "Bills" contains the billing information for the case.
  • "Contacts" contains the details of any contacts listed against the case. 
  • "Tasks" displays any tasks saved in the case and allows you to manage them. 
  • "Calendar" contains all of the calendars available in the case and allows you to manage them and view upcoming events. 
  • "Docs& Comms" contains all of the documents listed against the case and allows you to create them using templates. 
  • "Time" allows you to make time entries against the case for the purposes of fees and reporting. 
  • "Expenses" allows you to make expense entries against a case. 
  • "Audit" provides you with a history of actions made by users in the case. 
  • "Contact Details" displays any contact custom fields relevant to the case. 

In order to find out more about an element of the case page, use the lessons at the top of this page.

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